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Galas & Blooms specializes in giving clients the look.  


Not the one eyebrow raised look you don't want to get from your significant other when you discuss the wedding budget...the look everyone wants and sees on Pinterest, that is the talk of the party and completely unforgettable. 

Your look.  

That gorgeous, artful, sophisticated design that encompasses your unique story and brings your dream day to life.  

Galas & Blooms provides clients a full range of event design and floral services including flower options from all over the world, and custom made decor pieces that will wow your guests.  

With Galas & Blooms floral & decor services, client benefits include:

  • Talented floral artists

  • Onsite florist day of event

  • Premium quality flowers from the best farms nationwide

  • Exotic flowers available from all over the world

  • Inspired designs

  • Unique vase/decor rental options

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